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Come Back Chad Lyrics: Come Back Daniel is an English Song sung by Spy Ninjas. Come Back Daniel Song Produced by Spy Ninjas. Come Back Daniel Lyrics written by Spy Ninjas.

Come Back Daniel Song Credits

Song: Come Back Chad
Singer: Spy Ninjas
Music: Spy Ninjas
Lyrics: Spy Ninjas
Label: Spy Ninjas
Genre: English Songs

Come Back Chad Lyrics

Chad you’re dull you’ve
become such a snooze
If we have to battle
hackers we’ll probably lose

Yeah he’s so bland and just so vanilla
Like PZ2’s favorite cheeseless quesadilla

I know what to do yeah
I figured this out
Chad join my class
ninja moves for clout

They really messed with Chad yeah he’s not the same
He got zapped now he’s boring and lame

When I get out of bed I need to take a rest
I look in the mirror and have a staring contest
I like my dentist but he wasn’t polite
When I said I’ve been flossing in Fortnite.

Chad your mind turned into mashed potatoes
Now it’s time KickBump, do some tornado kicks
And flips just like the guy you used to be
You see looks like your scaring Vy
Come back Chad the one we always had
Come back Chad without you we’re so sad
Chad’s a snore you used to be so hyper
314 is cooler even wearing diapers

Okay don’t sound the alarm
I know we tried this twice but the third time’s a charm
I’ve given up now he’s already ded
I’d rather tornado kick him to the head
Melvin no stop it that’s not the Spy Ninja way
But we need to bring back the old Chad Wild Clay
This will work come on we got our cool costumes
Keep on singing the tune and we’ll fix this buffoon

I love the taste of water
it’s super delicious
My favorite dessert
is washing the dishes
Music today is not as good as before
I should teach singers
how to make words rhyme

Chad your mind it is falling apart
Now it’s time reset and push restart
Chad take this transform right back into the Chad we miss
Feel the rhythm
Come back Chad the one we always had
Come back Chad without you we’re so sad
Chad let’s go pretend
your playing on the radio
Put on a show
Yo, Yo

Come Back Chad Lyrics
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