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AD Carry Maokai Lyrics: AD Carry Maokai is an English song from the Album ” League of Legends Parodies” sung by Instalok (Owl City & Carly Rae JepsenGood Time PARODY).

AD Carry Maokai song credits

Song: AD Carry Maokai
Singer: Instalok
Album: League of Legends Parodies (2013)
Youtube Views: (9.5M)

AD Carry Maokai Lyrics

Queued up at the wrong time of the night
What’s up with their comp? Something isn’t right
Games up, and I’m sure that he’s lost his mind…
It’s an AD Maokai

Poke him every time he comes up to farm
Zoned him so this lane isn’t very hard
Kill him so he falls even more behind
It’s an AD Maokai

He’s getting a gank bot
We shouldn’t have been caught
He’s popping his red pot
I think I’m about to die to an AD Maokai

AD carry Maokai

He’ll twist in, proc his shiv, knock me up and then
Use Ult and he’ll crit, I’m already dead
How did we start to get so far behind?
To an AD Maokai

He finished his IE
He nearly one shot me
How strong can a tree be?
I think I’m about to die to an AD Maokai

AD carry Maokai

1v1ing Shen
Have you seen my bear?
Soloing Baron!

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